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Title: "Cyber Destructors of the Sciences: Studies in Education, Culture, Employment and New Technologies"

Handbook Aims

In this second handbook of "Cyber Behaviour Collection" we will find the intersection of the formal and factual sciences aimed at education, culture employment and new technologies. We know today the undesirable effects of those behaviours: stalking, harassment, bullying, bossing, etc., through the cyber terrorists of the sciences.

The goal is to know the latest breakthroughs and the immediate trends, and also in the long term, of each one of the disciplines that make up the sets of the areas of knowledge we approach. Besides, the prevention of the cyber destructors of the sciences into the educational structures, research and development (R&D), job context, cultural integration, knowledge transfer, etc.

The handbook encourages high quality chapters to find solutions and increasingly unify all participants in educational areas, social sciences, working world, research and development, computer science, information and communications technologies from the links between education systems, culture, integration of the people, job context, and new technologies to control and the prevention of the cyber destructors of the sciences in the new millennium.

Scopes of Interest (not limited to):

Submissions: The handbook has a new deadline, after multiple requests

Two-stage submission: First, interested researchers and practitioners are invited to submit a chapter proposal clearly stating your focused domain problems and contributions related to one of the above topics due on Open; second, authors of accepted proposals will be notified by "between two or three week/s after the submission/s" about the status of their proposals and sent chapter organizational guidelines. Full chapters are due by Still Open. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a triple-blind review basis. The handbook is scheduled to be published in 2017 by Blue Herons Editions (Canada, Argentina, Spain and Italy).

Editorial Advisory Board and List of Reviewers

:: Adriana Martín. Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral (Argentina)
:: Alan Radley. University College London (UK)
:: Alberto Cáceres Díaz. Universidad de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
:: Alejandra Quiroga. Universidad Nacional de La Pampa (Argentina)
:: Anna Parodi. Università degli Studi di Genova (Italy)
:: Augusto Bernuy Alva. Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (Peru)
:: Beatriz Sainz de Abajo. Universidad de Valladolid (Spain)
:: Bruno Cernuschi Frías. Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
:: Chih-Fang Huang. Kainan University (Taiwan)
:: Ernesto Navarrete. Universidad Nacional de Misiones (Argentina)
:: Fabián Alejandro Gibellini. Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina)
:: Fabio Gallo. Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero (Argentina)
:: Fernando Dufour. Universidad Nacional de La Matanza (Argentina)
:: Florian Kammüller. Middlesex University London (UK)
:: Gabriela Gaetán. Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral (Argentina)
:: Graciela Vidal. Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral (Argentina)
:: Hossein Eftekhari. Sharif University of Technology (Iran)
:: Hugo Scolnik. Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
:: José Hamkalo. University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
:: Juan Enríquez. Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral (Argentina)
:: Karim Hallar. Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral (Argentina)
:: Leda Digión. Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero (Argentina)
:: Liliana Māţă. "Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacău (Romania)
:: Lorenzo García Aretio. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain)
:: Mabel Sosa. Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero (Argentina)
:: Marcela Ríos. Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina)
:: Marilú Lebrón Vázquez. Universidad de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
:: Mario Fidelibus. Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina)
:: Mark Saragona. University of Malta (Malta)
:: Milton Lividori. Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina)
:: Marta Ledesma. Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Argentina)
:: Natalia Trejo. Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral (Argentina)
:: Nilda Pérez Otero. Universidad Nacional de Jujuy (Argentina)
:: Onur Demirors. Middle East Technical University (Turkey)
:: Oriol Camacho Díaz (University of Granada, Spain)
:: Paola Budán. Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero (Argentina)
:: Raquel Díaz. Universidad Nacional de La Rioja (Argentina)
:: Rossana Costaguta. Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero (Argentina)
:: Sergio Ariel Salinas. Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Argentina)
:: Silvia Poncio. Universidad Abierta Interamericana (Argentina)
:: Steve Anderson. University of Southern California (USA)
:: Teresa Consiglio. Open University of Netherlands (The Netherlands)
:: Timothy Read. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain)
:: Virginia Yannibelli. Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Bs. As. (Argentina)
:: Yirsaw Ayalew. University of Botswana (Botswana)

Chapter proposal guidelines:

The proposal is expected to be 2 - 4 pages, submitted in .doc or .pdf format, composed of title, author(s) (name, affiliation, phone number, and e-mail address), extended abstract (background, related work, principal contributions, references and so on), table of contents, and contact author/s. All enquiries and submissions can be forwarded to handbook@blueherons.net

Additional Notes:

1) Short Chapter: The longest extension of the text varies between 12 and 16 pages ('5,000 - 6,000 words). Long Chapter: The longest extension of the text varies between 24 and 30 pages (8,000 - 15,000 words). Exceptionally, the extension may be longer than this, but each additional page has a 25 euros cost (maximun 4 pages).

2) The chapters that have been positively evaluated by the reviewers (at least three), whose remarks or corrections –in the case there were, having been made by the authors, could be published in the handbook. The publication cost is 325 euros (short chapter) and 355 euros (long chapter), and the payment should be made through a bank transfer to the Blue Herons account, as it is next detailed:

  • Name: Blue Herons
  • Bank: Deutsch Bank :: Central Office
  • Address: viale giovanni XXIII, 21 :: 24021 bergamo (bg) Italy
  • Banking coordinates IBAN: IT02F0310411100000000820435
  • Swift (BIC): DEUTITM1054
Color printing for all our publications

The payment of the transfer has to be made prior to November 17, 2017 for the publication of the chapter. Send us a scanned copy of your bank transfer by email: handbook@blueherons.net Please ensure that you pay any charges you bank may charge. We will send you confirmation by email when we have received your payment.

3) All cancellations received in writing by November 17, 2017 will be fully refunded, less 45 euros which will be deducted for administrative expenses. No refunds will be made from November, 18 onwards.

4) The author or authors will get only one a free copy of the handbook. The costs of certificated post and by airmail are at the expense of the author(s).

5) The author(s) can request more than a copy (until finishing the first edition) with a 40% special discount.

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