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Human-Computer Interaction Collection

Title: "Interaction Techniques and Technologies Applicable to Learning and Teaching: Changing Relations between New Media, Users, Contents and Evaluation of Interactive Systems"

Co-editors: Ana Pérez. (Sevilla, Spain), Annamaria Poli (Milan, Italy), Francesca Bocchi (Bologna, Italy), Daniela Tamburini (Milan, Italy), Claudio Germak (Turin, Italy), Derrick de Kerckhove (Toronto, Canada), et al.
Editorial Assistants: Mary Brie (La Valletta, Malta) and Jim Carré (Willemstad, Curaçao)

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• Planned Publishing Date: 2020

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Currently there is a wrong tendency to bring together all the disciplines derived from the formal and factual sciences in the Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering, that is, aeronautic, electronic, industrial, nuclear, ... engineers, foreign literatura, mathematics, physics. anthropologists, fine arts, and a long etcetera. One of the sectors that is the most harmed in this epistemological deviation of the sciences in the last quarter of a century is and will remain to be the third level educational sector, that is, the university.

Especially the future generations of professionals for the creation of novel interactive contents in keeping with the context, as well as the use and dissemination of the ICTs. Therefore, one of the main goals for this handbook is to establish what technologies are valid in the learning and teaching process, depending on where the final user, that is, professor or student, has been included. More ...

Interaction Techniques and Technologies Applicable to Learning and Teaching: Changing Relations between New Media, Users, Contents and Evaluation of Interactive Systems :: Human-Computer Interaction Collection :: 2019



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Software and New Technologies Collection

Title: "Advantages Recent Developments in Human-Computer Interaction and Quantum Computing Applied to Nature, Society, and Education"

Co-editors: Anna Parodi (Genoa, Italy), Jacqueline Alma (Vancouver, Canada), Kaoru Sumi (Hakodate, Japan), Wen-Yuan Jen (Taiwan, China), Diego González (Bologna, Italy), Gustavo Hirchoren (Buenos Aires, Argentina), et al.
Editorial Assistants: Mary Brie (La Valletta, Malta) and Luisa Varela (Perpignan, France)

• Chapter Proposal Submission Deadline: Open
• Proposal Acceptance Due Date: between two weeks after the submission/s
• Full Chapter Submission Extended Deadline: July, 1st
• Planned Publishing Date: 2021

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In this editorial project, we focus on one of the sectors that are currently drawing the attention of a high number of scientists, which is quantum computing and all its derivations of the main theoretical-practical advantages of its use. That is to say, a new global revolution in the context of new information and communication technologies. The progressive decrease of the hardware and the potential increase of the calculation speed of the processors in tiny technological devices of the static or dynamic type, allows to simulate structures and systems that currently belong to the realm of science fiction.

The minituarization of the hardware, joined to the potential of the software, will radically transform the social communications in the educational, health, labor sytems, etc. Besides, the rise of the use of artificial intelligence, together with the quantum technologies, will be an indispensable resource for the resolution of a myriad problems that currently have no solution, or which require great investments in human and/or financial capital. More ...

Advantages Recent Developments in Human-Computer Interaction and Quantum Computing Applied to Nature, Society, and Education :: Software and New Technologies Collection :: 2019



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Academic CD Proceedings: SETECEC 2012  (Venice, Italy) :: ISBN 978.88.96.471.12.8 ::  DOI: 10.978.8896471/128



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